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Academic Heads



Mrs Neena Yadav , (Principal , P.G.S).


Mrs. Neena Yadav ,M. Sc (B. Ed) is associated with this institution since its inception. She is one the vitol cog in the school management. Her commitment towards her work and ability to guide always motivate children, teachers and parents.


Mrs Archana Shukla , (Headmistress, P.G.S).


Mrs. Archana Shukla is an M.Sc in Organic Chemistry and B.ed in Special Education. She is extremely fond of kids. Under her tutelage, each and every child feels at home. Her dynamic personality draws children towards her and is like a second parent to every child.


Mr Dinesh , (Academic Head, P.G.S).


Mr. Dinesh Yadav holds Post Graduate degree in Mathematics with B.Ed. He is the Academy Head of school’s competitive coaching unit. His large vision and result-oriented method is a testimony to the fact that children are cracking toughest of examinations like JEE,NDA,NEET etc. He strongly feels that an average student also can create wonders provided he is goal-oriented and hard-working.


Mr Naveen , (Bursar, P.G.S).


Mr. Naveen Yadav heads the school’s administration. He is always ready on his toes and one of the most dedicated and committed individuals whose leadership acumen has come in good effect for the institution.

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