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Science lab

Science lab

To add spark to the mission of education and to prepare students for the competitive world, it is essential to provide them a world of experimentation through well equipped labs. Learners of P.G.S have access to well ventilated science labs where they get a deductive approach and extracted learning experiences from practical inputs. This helps them become cautious and keen observers. These labs act as the scientific playground for students to horn their inquisitive disposition. They perform various experiments in Chemistry Lab, do biological researches on detailed structures in Biology Lab and get firsthand knowledge while measuring and recognizing various factors in Physics Lab. These labs help in learning techniques and re-enforcing textbook concepts. Various features of school labs are:

Separate well equipped Labs for Chemistry, Physics and Biology
Proper sitting capacity of 30 – 35 students in each Lab
Well designed space with latest scientific equipments
Outfitted with safety equipments like fire extinguishers, first aid kit and sanitizers
Projectors fitted in all labs to showcase videos pertaining to experiments

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