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School’s educational trips and excursions are among the most prominent memories of the formative years, primarily because they are a welcome respite from the school routine for both students and teachers. While their purpose is fundamentally to educate, they can also be enjoyable bonding experiences for everyone involved. It helps children experience new environment and enjoy time away from the classroom.


For holistic exposure of the students during each academic year, Pathfinder organizes excursions and edu-trips for students to gain firsthand knowledge and field experience. Educational trips may range from visits to local civic offices or businesses to international excursions, complete with overnight stays. Whatever their scope, Educational trips offer numerous rewards to the students who take them. School excursions on the other hand aim to maximise student’s learning experience through well-planned curriculum-related activities language immersion programs and sporting activities etc.


Such trips and excursions provide an opportunity for total immersion in the natural environment and social setting. During such outings, the student practices their social skills and critical thinking abilities outside of the controlled class setting. Being able to interact with experts/guides/mentors about their particular area of study on the spot develops their mental skills and educates students on real-world lessons.

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