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He is the ultimate hero of the Mahabharata being an incarnation of Nara, the heroic masculine power of Lord Vishnu.

However his real achievement lies in his pursuit of perfection all his life. Though born into the great ‘Bharata race’ he is not content to rest on the strength of his family fame and exerts himself until he became the greatest warrior on earth.

Arjun dedicated his life for archery. All of us have heard the story of Drona’s testing with bird’s eye. That incident clearly indicated how much was the concentration which Arjun achieved. Arjun used to practise archery during the night also. So he is known as GUDAKESHA – means the one who conquered sleep. And Arjun was able to use his both hands in archery with same effectiveness. He is known as SAVYASACHI – The Ambidextrous warrior. Arjun is the only ambidextrous warrior in the history.

His purity and kindness made him krishna’s dearest friend, favorite of Acharya Drona and Bishma Pitama. Arjun is the role model for the generation aiming at perfection. None in the history of India can be such a role model of students as Arjuna who was the epitome of concentration, dedication, self sacrifice, respect for elders. Truly Arjuna’s labour, dedication & hard work establish the fact –PRACTICE MAKES US PERFECT !!

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