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Class Room


A caring, supportive classroom is the lynchpin of a secure, positive school environment. A Classroom’s social environment has extensive influence on a student’s learning and growth. It contributes to key aspects of their social, emotional, and moral development.

A classroom is an important part of a student’s life where he spends most of the crucial hours of his day making mistakes, sharing laughter, building confidence and nurturing independence. Students enjoy their learning uninterrupted by outside distractions and learn to forgive, respect, apologize and encourage each other in their vital daily tasks.

The classrooms are aesthetically pleasing well ventilated and furnished. A sense of ownership is instilled in the students and they decorate their classrooms with a lot of color, ingenuity, resourcefulness and information. Each classroom also has a soft board which displays student’s project work throughout the year. Soft board is essentially a medium to explore the students’ ideas and emotions through different works of art and presentations.

A specific area is also reserved for current notices, timetable and announcements for the students. The material put up in the classroom is updated throughout the year by the students and the class teacher.s

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