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Social science exhibition

To highlight the role of Social Science in today’s society and to develop our students to visualize the future of the nation and create sensitive and responsible citizens, Pathfinder organizes a Social Science Exhibition every year. It provides students the platform to showcase various projects and models prepared by them as a part of the project-based learning methodology. The projects and models that are put on display are related to the field of Social Studies and include subjects like History, Civics, and Geography. A walk through the history section is equivalent to a walk through time. There are models and charts depicting life right from the Stone Age to the Ages of Communication and Information Technology. One can find various beautiful and intricate models such as Qutab Minar, Jamia Masjid, Parliament House, Eiffel Tower and the model of the school as well among others.

The Exhibition also showcases realistic models of our world and the world beyond. Some of the models showcase the Earth’s structure, while others focus on the topographical features of our planet. The different charts, models, and diagrams describing various flora and fauna are beautifully made and displayed by the students.

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